Nick Bollettieri: Killer Forehand

( 40 Menit)







Take your forehand to its maximum potential as Nick shows you the steps to hitting a signature Bollettieri forehand. You'll enjoy this fun and informative approach - covering footwork, balance, racquet preparation and more - designed to build the perfect winning forehand with target training, technique drills and match simulation.


Killer Forehand offers a step-by-step explanation of the key components to develop the ultimate forehand weapon. The DVD presents a complete training program-including footwork, balance, racket preparation, and follow-through-designed to build the perfect winning forehand. With target training, technique drills, and match simulation, this DVD will help you gain a better understanding of the “killer” forehand.




04:10           To Kill or Be Killed

06:57           Evolution of Killer Forehand

11:41           Strong Foundation

12:12           From at Rest into Motion

17:48           Level Glide

18:18           You Can’t Fire A Cannon, From A Canoe

20:42           Hitting Stance

21:36           Playing On Clay

22:45           The Early Bird Kills The Forehand

24:40           Pulling The Trigger

27:56           X’s Kitchen

28:15           Swing On Line

30:15           Lengthen your Lever

31:28           Opposite Arm

33:30           Staying Power