Nick Bollettieri: Right Back Atcha Returns

( 45 Menit)







In a world where sonic serves rule the turf, you don't stand a chance without returns that are right back atcha. You'll learn the rules of the trade for breaking serve, including the technique, positioning and strategies to neutralize the game's biggest weapon. Nick Bollettieri will teach you to step into the box with confidence - the right mind set for breaking your opponent's serve.

The return is one of the most difficult shots in tennis because there is little time to react to a serve. This video looks at the technique, positioning, and strategy used to return power, spin, or kick serves. Bollettieri also teaches the right mind-set to break an opponent’s serve.


- Nick Bollettieri Opening Points
- Part I: Understanding Serve Strategy
- Part II: Serves Versus Returns: 7 Factors of Planning
- Part III: Court Position Tactics
- Part IV: Right-Back-Atcha Technique
- Final Points