Nick Bollettieri: Sonic Serve

( 51 Menit)







Nick Bollettieri shows you the world's most powerful serves and a step-by-step plan for developing the skills to hit a sonic serve. Learn the correct techniques to spin your opponent off the court or to slam a service winner down the T. Drills to develop your serve are presented in classic Bollettieri style.

This DVD studies the biggest and best serves in today’s game and analyzes the common attributes that every player can use to improve. Sonic Serve outlines correct technique for powerful and reliable spin, flat, and kick serves. Drills to develop your serve are presented using Bollettieri’s unique coaching style.

Max Mirnyi, Joachim




02:35           Changing your Mental Blueprint

05:40           Take Aim & Fire

09:57           Building your Sonic Serve

10:17           The “Grab-it” Habit

12:40           “Toe” the Line

15:57           Toss

20:31           Set to Launch

24:09           Launch to Contact

31:51           The Landing

33:33           Step by Step

33:55           Step I – Where’s the Whoosh ?

35:04           Step II – Master the Throw

38:05           Step III – Pivot in the Tube

40:07           Step IV – Balance ‘til the Bounce

43:58           Step V – Shoot from the Hip

45:17           Step VI – Cross the Finish Line

47:28           Set to Launch