Master Wong : Wing Chun 116 Dummy Part 3

 ( 53 Menit)





The Wooden Dummy is the ultimate in Wing Chun training aids, helping you to increase power, speed, accuracy and conditioning. Using this exclusive DVD to aid your practice you will soon see the benefits of Wooden Dummy Training.
Utilizing movements from all three Wing Chun forms the 108 movement dummy routine is the first step in putting your forms into real time practice. Learn about body positioning, balance, weight transfer and the different heights to strike at to successfully hit your target.

Also included is the next stage in Wing Chun application where the Wooden Dummy techniques are transferred into real time, real life situations. After practicing on the Dummy this training can be done harder and faster as a result of the conditioning received.

This DVD uses the latest in film technology to bring you clear, concise movements and instruction in both the forms and techniques surrounding the Wooden Dummy. Voiced by Sifu Michael Wong this DVD is specifically designed to aid in your Wing Chun training and bring you to a higher level of Martial Arts.


This part guides you through all 116 movements of the full Wing Chun 'Dummy' form, with complete overview of specific techniques when practicing with the dummy to ensure correct training.

This exclusive area deals with the optimisation of speed, accuracy, conditioning, and the application of power with technique. 116 Dummy is arguably the ultimate in Wing Chun training aids. This takes Wing Chun application to the next stage by applying it in real time with the use of this tool thereby increasing the bodies abilities and allowing the practitioner to move harder and faster.





00:46           Dummy 116 - Part 2

10:05           Dummy 116 - Part 3

15:22           Dummy 116 - Part 4

21:00           Dummy 116 - Part 5

25:26           Dummy 116 - Part 6

31:15           Dummy 116 - Part 7

34:53           Dummy 116 - Part 8

39:53           Dummy 116 - Part 9

45:50           Dummy 116 - Part 10